Strategi Bertahan Hidup Anak Jalanan : Kasus Anak Jalanan di Kota Bogor, Provinsi Jawa Barat

  • Nurmala K. Panjaitan
  • Tina Suhartini


The objective of this research is to understand how street children build their survival of strategy to continue their living. The method used for the research is survey method conducted in Bogor city of West Java. The study reveals that three forms of survival of strategies are usually built by street children. They range from simple form, middle form up to complex form. The forms of survival of strategy are strongly related to a number of factors, namely: age, sex, education level, and the reason why the children turn on the street (socio-psychological characteristic of street children). This research found some interesting findings that could provide a useful basis for formulating empowerment program targeting to street children. The findings can help increase the accuracy of empowerment program, since it can reduce incorrect assumption when the program is to be run.