Kajian Potensi Whey Yoghurt sebagai Bahan Alami Pencegah Jerawat

  • A. Rahman
  • E. Taufik
  • S. Purwantiningasih
  • B. P. Purwanto
Keywords: Whey, acne, Propionibacteriun acnes, antioxidant


Cheese processing always produce a liquid by product, called as whey. Whey contains 50% of milk nutrients, but currently in Indonesia whey is not used optimally. Whey contained some lactose, and can be used as fermented media. This study used cheese whey as a fermented media for Streptococcus thermopillus (StRRM01) and Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Lb-RRM01) called as Whey Yogurt (WY). WY compared to fresh whey (control) on this study for skin care, include of acne treatment. Data were analyzed by T-test on SPSS statictical program. The research showed that WY inhibited the growth of bacteria Propionibacterim acnes 4.35 mm, while there was no inhibition on control (P <0.05). Fermentation process increased the antioxidant activity for 27.7%. WY had the good potential for the acne treatment. This study showed that whey had a value-added,furthermore in the future might be used to develop into a natural ingredient cosmetics for skin care.


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RahmanA., TaufikE., PurwantiningasihS., & PurwantoB. P. (2017). Kajian Potensi Whey Yoghurt sebagai Bahan Alami Pencegah Jerawat. Jurnal Ilmu Produksi Dan Teknologi Hasil Peternakan, 2(1), 238-242. Retrieved from https://jma.journal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/ipthp/article/view/15572