Non-linear Routing Scheme at Grid Cell Level for Large Scale Hydrologic Models: A Review

60-72 Hidayat Pawitan, Muh Taufik
Read Statistic: 716

Evaluation of Different Runoff Curve Number (CN) Approaches on Water Regulation Services Assessment in Intermittent Micro Catchment Dominated by Oil Palm Plantation

73-88 Yudha Kristanto, Suria Darma Tarigan, Tania June, Enni Dwi Wahjunie
Read Statistic: 801

Optimization of Newly Opened Rice Fields on Tidal Swamp Through Superior Rice Varieties in Bulungan District

89-97 Muhamad Hidayanto, Yossita Fiana
Read Statistic: 496

Influence of El NiƱo 2015/2016 on Climate Variability and Production of Main Crops in Langkat Regency

98-107 Khadijah El Ramija, Ayi Sudrajat, Hendri Irwandi, Joko Yulianto Ariantono
Read Statistic: 390

Potential of Sorghum Varieties as Biofuel

108-115 Muhammad Noor Ariefin, Puji Harsono, Amalia Tetrani Sakya
Read Statistic: 510

Adaptive Garlic Farming to Climate Change and Variability in Lombok

116-124 Nasibatul Mahmudah, Tania June, Impron
Read Statistic: 289