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Future rainfall projection can be predicted by using Global Climate Model (GCM). In spite of low resolution, we are not able specifically to describe a local or regional information. Therefore, we applied downscaling technique of GCM output using Regional Climate Model (RCM). In this case, Regional Climate Model version 3 (RegCM3) is used to accomplish this purpose. RegCM3 is regional climate model which atmospheric properties are calculated by solving equations of motion and thermodynamics. Thus, RegCM3 is also called as dynamic downscaling model. RegCM3 has reliable capability to evaluate local or regional climate in high spatial resolution up to 10 × 10 km. In this study, dynamically downscaling techniques was applied to produce high spatial resolution (20 × 20 km) from GCM EH5OM output which commonly has rough spatial resolution (1.875o × 1.875o). Simulation show that future rainfall in Indramayu is relatively decreased compared to the baseline condition. Decreased rainfall generally occurs during the dry season (July-June-August/JJA) in a range 10-20%. Study of extreme daily rainfall indicates that there is no significant increase or decrease value.


Downscaling Dynamic down-scaling Future rainfall Reg CM 3

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Jadmiko, S. D., & Faqih, A. (2014). Dynamical Downscaling Luaran Global Climate Model (GCM) Menggunakan Model REGCM3 untuk Proyeksi Curah Hujan di Kabupaten Indramayu. Agromet, 28(1), 9-16.