Suarjana, I Gusti Ketut, Indonesia

  • Media Veteriner Vol. 6 No. 1 (1999): Media Veteriner - Articles

    Sixteen isolates of group C streptococci taken during outbreak in pigs and monkeys in Bali were examined for their haemaglutination activities using 2% erythrocyte suspension from pigs. Five isolates (31,25%) showed very strong (++) result with geometric titer mean of 22.8, other isolates (31,25%) gave strong (+) results with geometric titer mean of 22 and the remain six isolates (37,5%) showed weak or negative haemagglutination activities. Nonencapsulated bacteria yielded haemagglutination activities stronger than encapsulated. Treatments with heating up to 90 °C, HCl extraction and opsonization reduced haemagglutination titers.

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