Penentuan Indeks Seleksi untuk Galur Dihaploid Padi Sawah Tadah Hujan Berdaya Hasil Tinggi

  • Miftahur Rizqi Akbar
  • Bambang Sapta Purwoko
  • Iswari Saraswati Dewi
  • Willy Bayuardi Suwarno
  • dan Sugiyanta
Keywords: anther culture, genetic variability, selection criteria, yield potential


Rainfed rice breeding for high yield is an alternative to increase national rice production. The breeding can be
accelerated using anther culture technique. The selection of high productivity lines may be more effective if it also involves
the traits contributing to or affecting the yield traits. This study aimed at determining suitable characters as selection criteria
and obtain a selection index model for high yielding doubled haploid rainfed rice lines. The experiment was conducted
in a greenhouse of ICABOGRAD, Bogor and Sawah Baru Experimental Station, Bogor Agricultural University using a
randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. Thirty doubled haploid lines derived from anther culture
and two check varieties namely Ciherang and Inpari 18 were used. The results showed that plant height (TT), number of filled
grain per panicle (GI), and productivity (PRD) could be used as suitable selection characters. The determination of selection
index obtained a selection model which was Selection index = 0.48 PRD + 0.31 JGI - 0.31 TT. This model can be used to
select high yielding doubled haploid rainfed rice lines.