Pemanfaatan Kompos Tandan Kosong Kelapa Sawit untuk Meningkatkan Pertumbuhan Tanaman Kayu Putih (Melaleuca cajuputi) di Lahan Pasca Tambang Batubara

Agus Ari Subagio, Irdika Mansur, Rita Kartika Sari


Compost of oil palm empty bunches can improve fertility and soil nutrient on ex-mining land. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of oil palm empty fruit bunches composted on growth of Melaleuca cajuputi on post-mining land. This research was conducted at field for 3 months. The application was done at 1 to 3 years plant age. A single factor of empty fruit bunch compost organized on RCBD with 4 treatments and 4 replication. The results showed the compost able to increase growth of M. cajuputi. The best application was K1 (5 kg plant-1) increased height of 1 and 2 years plant age respectively by 67.82 and 38.86%. K2 (7.5 kg plant-1) at 3 years old increased by 30.16%. While the highest yield of diameter increased was on K2 (7.5 kg plant-1) at 1 and 3 years plant age (46.05% and 30.85%). The 2 year plant age with dose K3 (10 kg plant-1) was increased of 32.09%. In general, the application of EFB compost such as K1 treatment (5 kg plants-1) was reached the best dose of 1 and 2 year plant age and K2 treatment (7.5 kg plant-1) gave the best response for 3 years of plant age.

Keywords: empty fruit bunch, EFB, Melaleuca cajuputi, postcoal-mining land

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