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Variasi Genetik Gen Myostatin Ekson 3 pada Sembilan Bangsa Kambing Lokal di Indonesia

  • Rissa Herawati Ginting
  • Achmad Farajallah
  • Dyah Perwitasari Farajallah
  • Aron Batubara
Keywords: goats, myostatin, PCR, types of mutation genes


Myostatin gene plays a role in helping to control the growth and development of muscle tissue. Identification of genetic diversity in nine local goat breeds in Indonesia has done. The aim of this study was to obtain information myostatin gene diversity of exon 3 in local goats in Indonesia. The total of 10 samples was selected from 80 samples of goat's blood collected comprising each sample of the population of goats breeds, i.e., Samosir, Muara, Kacang, Costa, Peranakan Etawah, Boerawa, Gembrong, Boer, and Boerka goats. The gene diversity and nucleotide base changes were identified by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and sequencing techniques. The analysis showed that there is eight variant identified in appropriate with those found in sequencing results. Deletion variations were found in Costa and Samosir goats in T552- and G560-. Substitution variations were found in Gembrong (A7C & A11T), Peranakan Etawah (T10A & A11T), Burawa (T10A & A11T), Muara (A11T), Samosir (A11T), and Boerka (A182T, T437A, T439A, & A445G). Variations on the chromatogram peak overlapping contained in the base position to 13. Analysis of variance showed that there was a special mutation in exon 3 that affects the amino acid tyrosine into lysine. Variants were found in nine goat breeds associated with phylogenetic and genetic distance of goats, Boerka goat has the highest level of genetic variation, it indicated that Boerka goat was crossbreed


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Author Biographies

Rissa Herawati Ginting
Departemen Biologi, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor 16680
Achmad Farajallah
Departemen Biologi, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor 16680
Dyah Perwitasari Farajallah
Departemen Biologi, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor 16680
Aron Batubara
Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian, Departemen Pertanian, Indonesia


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How to Cite
Ginting, R. H., Farajallah, A., Farajallah, D. P., & Batubara, A. (2017). Variasi Genetik Gen Myostatin Ekson 3 pada Sembilan Bangsa Kambing Lokal di Indonesia. Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian Indonesia, 22(2), 73-78. https://doi.org/10.18343/jipi.22.2.73

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